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About Us
Since our inception in 1959, our company's reputation for excellence and integrity is one of our most prized assets in the field of transmission line hardware & accessories for Insulator, Conductor, Ground Wire, AB Cable & OPGW as well as Clamps, Connectors and other Sub-Station Hardware.

We have earned this reputation by adhering to the highest standards of business conduct, which includes not only complying with applicable laws and regulations but also continuously striving to set the standard for corporate governance in our industry. Integrity is one of our most important attributes.

We are committed to maintained our record of strong corporate governance and will continue to seek to improve upon our solid foundation.

IAC products are backed by stringent in-house quality control and only material conforming to the related specification reaches our buyers. Our laboratory is well equipped to conduct Type, Acceptance & Routine Tests. Type Tests on IAC products, which conform to Specification such as IS, IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, etc are carried out both in the country and abroad at labs with International recognition like NGK, CRIEPI both in Japan and CPRI, GPRI, IIS, IIT, BHEL, NTH, PDTC, etc.

We, in our country, pioneered the use of CAD for power transmission line hardware. In the event of customized requirements, we have our widely experienced design team, backed by the latest software.